Specialty Mfg. offers a range of products and services to its customers including Integrated Services which coordinates and integrates capabilities for its engineering and manufacturing areas. One of these capabilities, plastic injection molding, excels in the industry in areas of expertise and capacity.


Specialty Mfg. promises reliable quality in every production run from a low volume run of molded parts to a high-volume sub-assembly process. Selecting from the array of materials available, Integrated Services engineers rely on their combined expertise to analyze, select, and test solutions to determine the best fit to satisfy customer requirements. The same attention to detail goes into every product ensuring reliable delivery of everything from a run of one to a million. With our in-house 3D printer, we can supply low cost SLA models to verify fit, function, and aesthetics. We also offer a complete assembly department where your injection molded components can be matched up with stamped and/or machined parts to produce a sub-assembly ready for your integration in a final assembly.


Operating 23 presses ranging from a 2 ounce shot size in our smallest 25 ton press to 80 ounce shot size in our 500 ton machine, we can mold a broad range of parts using an array of materials. Our presses are hydraulic, horizontal toggle machines, except for one vertical press used primarily for insert molding. We run both manual and automatic unscrewing molds as well as insert molds. Threaded inserts, bushings or other metallic inserts can be supplied by our in-house precision machining department. Each of the presses can be equipped with driers and/or chillers as necessary to run your parts. Additionally, we provide a fully staffed tool room for tooling revisions as needed over time and for routine maintenance of molds including on-site mold repair.

If you want to partner on a plastic injection molding project and would benefit from working with a company experienced in executing unique solutions for customers, Specialty Mfg. will help you see your ideas made real.