The Specialty Manufacturing Company is one of North America’s oldest and most respected valve manufacturers. Family owned for over a century, Specialty Mfg. leverages expertise across all areas of its business by providing valuable and interrelated services and capabilities under one roof. This arrangement, called vertical integration, allows Specialty Mfg. to provide innovative, reliable, and cost-effective products for its own business and for custom valve design projects.

Capabilities of Specialty Mfg. include:

  • Value-added Engineering for innovative design solutions
  • Metal Machining services from low to high volume, simple to complex
  • Wire EMD for precise cutting of electrically conductive materials, with minimal or no tooling
  • Plastic Injection Molding for full-service injection projects with 23 presses ranging in size
  • Stamping for precision cutting blades and products such as electrical contacts and circuit boards
  • Precision Grinding for cutting blades and industrial machine knives for the tape, paper, and plastic industries
  • Assembly for streamlining supply chain management by producing fully assembled components
  • Quality Control to ensure consistent manufacturing practices and production that meets customer specifications

Additional services provided by Specialty Mfg. include:

  • Advanced processes specific to each product, applied in-house and by trusted vendors, to add functional value to designs
  • Sub-assembly for simplifying customer manufacturing processes
  • Coordination of customer orders with production scheduling, ensuring that parts flow seamlessly into assembly, warehousing, and shipping
  • Reliable delivery dates; with processes controlled under one roof projected delivery times are accurate

Value-added engineering and manufacturing know-how continue to be the foundations of quality design and superior products for Specialty Mfg. as the company builds on its century of success. Partner with The Specialty Manufacturing Company now to see your ideas made real.