Specialty Integrated Services has produced components and finished goods for end users and OEMs since 1900. Virtually any industry that depends on precise metal or plastic machining, grinding, stamping or molding has experienced our dedication to quality and value added design and design for manufacturability. Our work always starts with an idea or a need to improve on an existing design. And while our experience and longevity is central to our long range success, it’s the things we do daily that make us different.

  • Vertically Integrated manufacturing under one roof streamlines supply chain
  • Proven program management provides peace of mind and no surprises
  • Vast capacity means you’ll have confidence
  • World class Customer service that is there for you

We understand all projects large or small require an efficient process and a commitment understanding and meeting all your expectations. This starts with a broad range of vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities that allow our customers to save money and time by streamlining the supply chain. All of the primary manufacturing operations we apply to your project take place in our own factories.

From value added engineering that make your components work better to sub assemblies system that arrive as expected on time and ready to use.

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