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Contract Machining

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Swiss Turning
  • Automatic Screw Machine
  • Plastic Machining

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Metal Stamping

  • 10 to 110 ton presses
  • Compound and progressive tooling
  • Materials as thin as .003”
  • In house die building

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Machine Grinding Blades

  • Crush Formed Serrated Blades
  • Press Metal Broach Cut Blades
  • Corrugated Blades
  • In House Tooling
  • Low to high volumes, competitively priced

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Plastic Injection Molding

  • Manual or automatic unscrewing molds
  • Most engineering grades of plastic
  • Short to long run
  • Insert molding
  • Design assistance

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Wire EDM Services

  • Wire sizes 0.002″-0.012″
  • Materials from  0.001″ to 10″ thick
  • Wide variety of alloys
  • Tight tolerances
  • Minimal or no tooling charges
  • Quick turnaround prototypes

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Why Specialty Integrated Services?

Specialty Integrated Services offers decades of experience in precision machining, metal stamping, injection molding and fixture building. Each area is accomplished in their manufacturing discipline, utilizing the latest technology and equipment. Coupled with this unique combination of manufacturing disciplines is a state of the art assembly area that can combine parts manufactured in one or more of our areas – converting them into a sub assembly ready for your installation.

Watch our facility tour to find out more about our technology!

Full Suite of Contract Manufacturing Services

Your Ideas Made RealSpecialty Integrated Services specializes in contract manufacturing services, successfully delivering custom solutions and contract machining to a wide range of customers. The company operates a complete and fully capable facility and is able to assist customers in product design and welcomes the opportunity to do so. With the wide array of state-of-the-art CNC and mechanical equipment, the company has the equipment, personnel, and know-how to run jobs in virtually any volume, and from simple to very complex designs. Specialty Integrated Services offers design engineering expertise and CAD support. We also offer many secondary operations such as cleaning, vibratory deburring, passivation, harperizing, assembly and packaging. They also have historically strong and trusted relationships with secondary vendors for additional services, that assure Specialty Integrated Services can deliver to all customer requirements.

Specialty Integrated Services is an integral part of The Specialty Mfg. Co., one of North America’s oldest and most respected manufacturers. For over a century, The Specialty Mfg. Co. has been a leader in manufacturing innovative products. Specialty Integrated Services has honed its expertise and processes since 1900. The Company produces nearly all components necessary for our broad line of world class metal and plastic valves. This expertise is a valuable resource for other manufacturers interested in partnering with the best!

As one of the well-established metal stamping companies in Minnesota, Specialty Integrated Services specializes in low to medium/high volume precision stampings and cutting blades. As a leader among metal stamping companies, we have developed and perfected the skills to provide customers with the “tough parts” not readily available from other sources. Specialty Integrated Services is also known as a one of the most experienced plastic injection molding companies, acting as a full service injection and insert injection molding partner, operating 23 presses of various shot sizes.

The full list of Specialty Integrated Services includes the following:

Metal Machining
We have the right machines and experience to economically produce parts to precise specifications—from simple to complex in low volume to large production runs. Multi-Axis CNC, Swiss CNC, MultiSpindle Acme, Hydromat Rotary Transfer, Makino and Haas Vertical Mills.

Injection Molding
A full-service injection and insert injection molding partner with the shortest lead times in the business. Full range of precision injection molding with equipment from 2oz/80-ton to 80oz/500-ton capacity

We produce custom cutting blades for the tape, paper and plastics industries. Proprietary crush grinding techniques yield one of the longest edge sharpness durations in the industry.

Press capability from 10 tons (for Miniature Stampings) to 110 tons. Parts from .003” up to .130” thick. Specialties include medium/high volume precision stampings

We streamline supply chain management by producing fully assembled, ready to install components that meet your specifications.

Integrated Services can supply anything from a single low volume molded or stamped part, to high volume sub-assembly.