About Us


Specialty Integrated Services is an integral part of The Specialty Mfg. Co., one of North America’s oldest and most respected manufacturers of standard and customized valves. Since 1900, The Specialty Mfg. Co. has been a leader in manufacturing innovative products by employing the latest technologies for the production of their valves.

Specialty Integrated Services has honed its technology expertise over many decades of producing the components necessary for The Specialty Mfg. Co.’s world class valves. This expertise is available to other manufacturers interested in partnering with the best.

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Contract Assembly Services

Specialty Integrated Services is comprised of:

  • Contract Precision Machining – Supplying precision machining services to customers in a wide variety of industries. With one of the largest selections of equipment, Specialty Integrated Services almost certainly has a machine that will be right for your unique part.
  • Contract Plastic Injection Molding – Your partner for short to long run injection molding with some of the shortest lead times in the business.
  • Contract Metal Stamping – Experts in precision metal stamping and crush ground cutting blade manufacturing specializing in miniature to medium sized parts.
  • Contract Grinding – Specialty Integrated Services specializes in producing a broad line of crush form & corrugate cutting blades for the tape, paper and plastic industries.
  • Contract Wire EDM – Focused in low to medium high volume precision EDM cutting, with minimal or no tooling required.
  • Contract Assembly – Producing a fully assembled, ready to install component that meets your critical assembly specifications.