Looking for contract manufacturing solutions in Minnesota and unsure where to start? Whether it is contract machining, contract stamping, CNC turning services or more, Specialty Integrated Services has stock, customized, and custom metal fabrication solutions for your business. With a wide breadth of capabilities and 120 years experience serving various clients, Specialty Integrated Services is sure to have a solution for you. Here are some more examples of the services we offer.

Whether you are looking for long-run production at a large scale, or a prototype-style fabrication service for just a few pre-production units, our team at Specialty Integrated Services is here to guide you from the initial design to manufacturing and assembly. Sound like something your company could use? Here is a list of the services we offer:

  • Precision Contract Machining
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Contract Stamping
  • Grinding
  • Wire EDM
  • Contract Assembly
  • CNC turning

As you can see, our list of services makes us a great option for a variety of businesses and projects, especially if you are looking for a custom or customized solution. With our team of industry professionals working alongside every client, we make sure all of our custom metal fabrication solutions are designed for manufacturability, meaning the business is able to produce their product efficiently and affordably, at the scale they need to achieve. With 120 years in the business, we have the knowledge and experience to find the perfect solution for almost any business.

To learn more about Specialty Integrated Services’s extensive solutions in contract machining, grinding, CNC turning and more, call us today at 651-653-0599, or visit our website to request a free quote.