March 2019

Contract Manufacturing Services Backed by 100 Years of Manufacturing Experience

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The Specialty Mfg. Co. brings over a century of value-added engineering and manufacturing know-how to the workplace. As one of North America’s oldest and most respected manufacturers of valves and plastic injection products, The Specialty [...]

Custom Contract Manufacturing – Seven Disciplines Under One Roof

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Specialty Integrated Services specializes in contract manufacturing services, successfully delivering custom solutions and contract machining to a wide range of customers. Specialty Integrated Services is an integral part of The Specialty Manufacturing Company, one of [...]

February 2019

Plastic Injection Molding- Specialty Integrate Services Has Expertise and Capacity

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Specialty Mfg. offers a range of products and services to its customers including Integrated Services which coordinates and integrates capabilities for its engineering and manufacturing areas. One of these capabilities, plastic injection molding, excels in [...]