Specialty Manufacturing is one of North America’s oldest and most respected manufacturers, providing standard ISO certified products, collaborating with customers to solve unique manufacturing problems, and working with businesses to convert ideas from concepts to reality. Specialty Manufacturing builds customer confidence by applying the most cost effective, efficient design for every project, no matter the component complexity or run size.

For over one hundred years, Specialty Manufacturing has provided ‘manufacturing know how’ and ‘value added engineering’ for customers worldwide. ‘Value-added engineering’ is the process of improving a design in a way that improves its function and makes it more efficient to manufacture. LESS COSTLY!

Specialty Manufacturing is uniquely qualified because of its vertically integrated manufacturing structure: all manufacturing operations and disciplines are under one roof. Specialty Manufacturing’s experience adding value to component designs in order to optimize function and manufacturability gives customers the confidence of knowing they’re getting the best possible components and the most competitive pricing.

Coordinating functions within multiple disciplines to design and manufacture components consistently provides unique customer solutions. Specialty Manufacturing in-house disciplines include the following:

By leveraging skills and functions across disciplines, Specialty Manufacturing makes manufacturing suggestions, develops designs for efficient manufacturability, and delivers components on time, reinforcing customer confidence built over a century of doing the things other manufacturers simply can’t or won’t do.